Grass Seeding Your Construction Site

New home construction needs a good solid foundation of grass seeding to assist in the stabilization of the work site after the building is done. This prevents run-off during rain and finishes the final product. Additionally, seeding should be applied after any major work on an existing home where the soil has been disturbed. Construction Services LLC has the tools and the “know how” to quickly minimize the disturbance of construction work on any work site.

Hydro hydro grass seedingSeeding

For large areas around a construction site, hydro-seeding is an efficient, reliable method of distributing grass seed premixed with fertilizer and stabilizers. This means once applied you do not need to cover with straw or take any other steps.  Your grass will begin to appear within 7-10 days.

Sod Application

When a mature, established grass foundation is required. Sod (pre-cut layers of established grass)  is the best way to ensure a site is done and ready for sign-off. Construction Services LLC can assist you with this finishing step. Using quality sod products and soaking the completed work so that it can get established, our team will have your site ready to go.

Manual Grass Seed Application

For small areas that need to be stabilized and blended back in with surrounding grass, a manual application of grass seed with a layer of straw will meet most needs. Construction Services LLC will ensure that the disturbed area has sufficient grass seed and straw to provide a solid layer of grass that will eventually blend in with the surrounding area.


Give us a call today and we can evaluate your current needs and offer you several options so you can make the best choice for your needs.