Drywells and Level Spreaders for Erosion Control

All new home construction requires sediment control, both during construction and as part of the final grading. Construction Services LLC is ready to assist you with all your erosion control implementation.


A dry well is an underground structure that disposes of unwanted water, most commonly runoff from rain/storms. The structure helps dissipate the excess water into the ground, where it merges with the groundwater. Construction Services LLC can implement a dry well on your site as part of your overall erosion and sediment control plan. By using drywells you allow the water to naturally soak into the water tables below ground preventing the unwanted contamination of local water sources from fertilizers and other chemicals.

Level Spreader

Level spreaders are cut into the ground to support the dispersion of high concentration water.  By taking the direct stream and spreading it out across and larger area the water is less likely to cut into the ground and cause erosion. Our team has extensive experience with design and implementation of Level Spreaders and is ready to assist you with your erosion control needs.

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